“My 6 year old daughter was delighted to attend Namrata’s clay workshop. In Namrata’s expert guidance she felt making a unicorn, butterfly, cat and various other figures with clay was so much fun and satisfaction. She also learnt more about baking and painting on these figures. It was her first experience with clay and she discovered a new medium to express her creativity. So much learning at very affordable prices.
Namrata is soft spoken, patient and very accommodating. My daughter was immediately at ease in her company and enjoyed interacting with her.
She is now eagerly waiting for the next workshop!”

My daughter and son have taken clay modeling workshops with Namrata. She is simply amazing, they made a lion, elephant and many more animals. My daughter came home and narrated the importance of these animals in the forest as told to her by Namrata. Along with clay she learned so much more. My son is 5 years old and very mischievous. Namrata handles him skillfully. She is friendly and accommodating. I like the way she engages with children.
It’s been three years since I’ve known Namrata. Namrata is talented and very professional.
Every year I buy Ganesha idol from her on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
She comes up with very apt idols as per the request and also allows you to have a look in person before you actually choose the idol.
Living far from my home country and finding her to help us continue our traditional festivities is really thankful.
Dear Namaha,
The flags look very good. Especially the lotus is prima. Amazing work. We loved how they came out. Thank you very much for your help and it was a pleasure meeting you.We will hang them on the balcony soon.
-Maike and Henry de Vries.

A creator indeed!!

It’s true that once something is broken it cannot be mended..but if one knows a good ceramist who can make you the same thing even better..the previous statement wont hold good. And,that good of a ceramist is Namrata Kini . 🙂
She is someone who puts her heart in each of her creations.
Be it a plate that you would place on your table for a special meal or a mug to enjoy your favorite drink or a statue that you would place in your altar..she is who comes to my mind. Meticulous in her work at the same time has an ear for your requirements. She is amazing with children, her classes are something the kids look forward to.
N. Prabhakaran

Namrata has been making beautiful Ganesha idols for us for 3 years.The Idol and the intricate detailing is wonderfully handled. Also, respect her professionalism. She adds a special color to our Ganesha festival celebration with a beautiful idol. I have also enjoyed a Small pottery workshop with her.

I bought Patakas from Nama with beautiful Sanskrit prayers. On request she customized two prayer flags for us. The finishing is immaculate .They are also packed very artistically.She also provided all the materials for hanging them with easy and clear instructions. The leaflet accompanied with the flags have meanings of the prayers written in english. I am impressed with her eye for details .
-Ingrid .G
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