Ganesha , Vinayaka, Lord of wisdom or Remover of obstacles is the first God one prays to in the Hindu tradition. I have grown up learning and reciting his Vedic prayers and hymns. According to the mythology He was created by Paravati, the goddess of earth and wife of Shiva. She made him from the clay. Carrying forward this belief even today the idols are made from soft river clay.

Ganesha Murti For Visarjan

The Ganesh festival is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada (moon calendar).A Ganesh idol is made with river clay. The murti (idol) is worshiped for ten days and on the 10th day immersed in the river. The reason behind this ritual is that no matter how much one loves and adores something one should let it go. You should not hold on or be possessive towards it. The idol is made with enthusiasm and a lot of love, you cherish and worship your creation but at the end you let it go with gratitude.
Specifically the Visarjan Murtis are slightly wet when they are picked from the artisan’s workshop. As the Murti becomes a God, it starts drying in your home. It absorbs all the negativity, troubles from your home and cleanse them when immersed in water.
Making Ganpati Bappa (Elephant headed God) is a very personal and emotional thing for me. The happiness and satisfaction I get from making them is unmatched .The whole experience is euphoric.
The fresh clay is purified and filtered according to EU standards. There is absolutely NO addition of artificial colors, binding agents or chemicals. Each and every Ganesh Murti is made at the workshop without a plaster mold.

Large size 35 – 38 cms

{coloured }

Medium size 23 – 25cms {coloured}

Small size 12 – 15cms {coloured}

Red Clay Large 23 – 25cms

Red Clay Meduim 23 – 25cms

Small 12 – 15 cm

Each and every Murti is completely handcrafted and painted with natural colors. Some of the colors are made with actual vegetable pigments that are grown organically on my balcony. Hence a guarantee of being environmentally friendly.

For more information and cost price for Visarjan Ganpati please refer to the pdf.

Terracotta Ganpati

Other than Visarjan Ganesh Murtis I also make terracotta and stoneware Ganesh idols. They have their own charm. Though they are made with the same emotions and admiration, a lot more technical aspects are kept in mind while making them. They are bisque in an electrical kiln and sometimes glazed. They all begin on a sketch board. The size, proportions are meticulously sculpted in clay. The intricate jewelry and lavish tiaras are all hand made. They can be used indoors as well outdoors. Please write to us for designs and customized orders.

For more information and cost price please refer to the pdf.
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