Who we are

What you wear is a matter of your belonging. Where you come from ? The humble cloth is a torch bearer of your culture , environment history and social status.
The fabric you wear is a prelude to your personality.  The patterns , motifs are woven tightly into the fabric by which one gets judged.Eiether the common thread binds you or the shiny frills make you stand out. Both ways spinning the wheel of thought. We seamlessly aknowledge these attribute , make a mental note and move towards conversation. 
My work revolves around these motifs that create a dialogue of identity.The evolving yet doctrine symbols communicating in a language of colours , patterns and artistic forms. 
The pieces reflect Textiles and handloom patterns from different parts of India. These artistic designs are many a times derived from the flora fauna in that region. Vibrant rich colours ,bold paterrns are traits for Indin fabric.
I am born in a suburb of Mumbai , then moved to different parts of India for studies or work . Within India itself what I wore was a essential attribute that was associated to which part of the country I lived. Later when I moved to Germany it became even more underlined. Clothes act a visual  silent transmitter of information. 
When people from different background come together this patchwork gets weaved into yet another fabric that in future will be perceived  as people belonging to new community. Through my work I am exploring this thread of symbolism.